Monday, March 25, 2013

The Rest of the Flock

Meet Milly, Stella, Hazel and Penelope. They are my Black Star chickens. Black Stars are also called Black Sex-link because when they hatch, the males are colored differently than the females. I chose this breed for a pen of three at the fair. They are prolific layers of large brown eggs and also very hardy. They are a wonderful all-around breed and will definitely be stars in our flock!    ~Caroline

For my pen of three this year, I got four Delaware chicks. Their names are Izzy, Patsy, Betty, and Annie. All my girls love to flap around and sing. Delawares are globally endangered birds. When they are older, they will be white with black speckled necks and lay large brown eggs. I cant wait to take three of these girls to the fair! ~Natalie

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