Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Meet the Chicks

Salmon Faverolle Hen
Flo and Bev are my Salmon Faverolles. They have fluffy feet, fluffy cheeks and a fifth toe! They are hardy and great layers of light brown to white eggs. My Salmon Faverolle chicks are very friendly and love to be held. They like to lay on their back in your hands. I’m excited to show this rare breed at the fair this summer.
Flo, three days old


Meet my Araucanas, Wanda and Gretel! Araucanas are also called Easter egg chickens. They will eventually lay lots of green and blue eggs. Our adult Araucanas, Tina and Piper, dont look at all alike. Our chicks look the same now, but you never know! Im planning on taking one of these girls to the fair.
Wanda, one of our new chicks

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