Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall on the Farm

The results are in and the winner is... lemongrass! Once our ingredients arrive, we will make a batch of our favorite, Gentlemen Farmer soap.
This past week, our pond friends, Bob, Russ and Keith, worked 12 hour days and finished up our pond! (minus the two million gallons of water and the fishies) As they dug our pond, they found old concrete rubble. They made three piles for the future fish to live in.

The equinox has passed so the chickens laying has slowed to about six eggs a day. To boost them back up to their normal rate, we attached a light onto their timer. Now their day starts around six am sharp. But, Waffles doesn't wear a watch and he starts crowing at four! Another reason we aren't getting as many eggs is because some of the hens are molting. Here you see Junie. She is one of the girls that is losing her feathers. Don't you worry! She does have two legs.

The spinach grow off ended in a tie. We all lost... But that doesn't stop us! We planted more lettuce and  some garlic. To prevent the seeds from washing away and getting frosted overnight, we put a plastic tarp over our lettuce. Hopefully our plants will grow this time, so we can have the yummy salads we dream of.