Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Happenings!

On Thanksgiving we went on a walk around the pasture with our grandparents. When we came back to visit the chickens, we were surprised to see an egg laying in the chicken's run! Caroline went in to get the egg, when we noticed that an overturned bin was moving! We thought the wind was blowing it, but when we flipped it over there was a chicken laying under there!!! We don't know how long she was trapped, but she was SUPER happy to get out! Since then we put her on a leg strengthening program, so if she gets under that bin again she will be able to BURST out! :)

We are part of a group called M.O.E. (Money Offering Effort) that has fundraisers to earn money for organizations and people. We donated four dozen eggs to the sale at our church this past weekend. The eggs contributed $32 to the total of $279. This year we are donating the proceeds to the Haitian Education and Literacy Program and to the family of Sgt. Collin Raaz, a City High Alumnus, who lost both of his legs in Afghanistan.