Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Harvest

Look what we found in our garden today! Can you believe we are still getting greens and strawberries?! Maybe we will be able to have a fresh greens salad on Thanksgiving! About a month ago we planted a fall greens garden. It has broccoli, spinach and lettuce. These greens like the cool weather. Every night we cover our strawberries and greens so they don't get frosted.   We also found our little sleeping beauty cat, Ollie!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue eggs for sale!

Their first eggs!
Yesterday when we went out to check the nesting boxes we saw one of the smaller hens, Tina, was laying her first egg! We let her be and sure enough, when we went out later and she had left us a turquoise egg. We were so excited! Today, we went out and the other Ameraucauna hen, Piper, had also left us her first egg! We are excited because that means all of our hens are finally laying.


Pasture Mowing

The mower
A bale
The wind rower

This past week we got our pasture mowed. First, our neighbor drove down the highway with his big John Deer tractor then mowed it into rows. Then he and his brother came a few days later with their wind rower and baler. The wind rower makes the grass into larger rows and turns it so the grass can dry. We have 38 bales in our pasture.