Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soap it up!

Lye is super dangerous;
You need gloves, goggles
and a face mask.
Our finished bars of soap.
Recently we made our second batch of homemade soap. We learned how to make soap from our friend, Rhonda. Her soap is much prettier than ours, but we will improve. Using  lye (extremely dangerous) from Stringtown grocery, distilled (or rain) water, lard, coconut oil and olive oil, you can create a a basic soap recipe. We have made oatmeal soap and tea tree soap, but need to decide on our next scent! If you would like to vote, see the poll to the right. Whichever kind has the most votes by October first, we will make next.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



As we were walking in from the garden, mom looked over at the "pond" and on one of our numerous dirt piles was.........


I got a couple pictures before it flew away. We think it was eating something, but when we walked up the hill we couldn't find any remains.

Caroline Young 
Head photographer and reporter
Channel 2625 news- We've got you covered!