Thursday, February 6, 2014

Battling the winter weather

There have been too many days of bitter cold and north winds howling across the fields! The chickens have been good sports and continue to lay beautiful eggs in exchange for a little extra light and protein.
When frozen noses and frozen soil keep you inside, it frees up time to get involved in other creative projects!

Unfortunately one of my dear daughters was home with a cold. Fortunately she wasn't too under the weather to spend some time adding some new features to our blog! We are going to try our hand at adding a Pinterest site and Twitter account here at the Golden Egg. Join us!

Our youngest DIY queen has been hard at work~ she created some adorable Valentine's for her classmates.

Natalie with Angie J at Home Ec

She also attended the first half of a great class at Home Ec with Angie Jordan to learn how to knit a beautiful new hat.  Home Ec has a series of awesome projects coming up!  I hope we won't need those wool hats too much longer....

Mother Nature provides a chance to look to valuable indoor activities!  In that spirit, I had an opportunity to spend some time with Backyard Abundance as they assist community members on brainstorming ideas to develop an edible landscape in the Wetherby Park neighborhood.
These blustery days are also nice for doing some online shopping for their annual plant sale!

Today I'm off to the first Women, Land & Legacy event. I'm looking forward to connecting with other women who are caring for our land in Johnson County.  This Saturday is the Growing the Local Food Movement forum sponsored by the Johnson County Local Food Council. It's a chance to learn about and discuss farm conservation, edible landscapes, local food impacts and policies to support farmers in Johnson County.