Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Days

Months ago these little rogue sunflowers popped up all over the garden - remnants from the sunflower teepee the girls planted when we first moved to the farm.  I transplanted them near the coop to provide some beauty and a little shade for the hens. They have become towering behemoths we had to strap to the fence. Today I decided to harvest some seed heads the wild birds hadn't already feasted on to share with the chickens and goats.  The hens were pretty interested and walked right up to investigate. 

The goats, on the other hand,  all jumped onto my lap and began to eat my shirt. And my watch. Then Luna decided to explore the tire I had planted in their pen. The tire was a birthday gift from Natalie. She sweetly pulled out of the ditch for me.  What more could a goat keeper ask for?!