Thursday, August 23, 2012

Henny Penny's Day at the Spa

Chicken spa is now taking customers! The day had come to take our pullets to the fair, but they were so DIRTY! But, we came to the rescue and they were nice and purdy in time for their big debut. Wanna learn how to bathe a chicken? Then let's get started!

You are coming with me!
How to Bathe a Chicken

1. Prepare your three water buckets (wash, rinse, shine)
In the first bucket, put a squirt of dish soap. In the second bucket, leave it plain and in the last bucket put in a dash of vinegar.

Plunge, plunge :)
2. Catch your customer/victim 

3. Place your chicken in the first bucket and do a gentle plunging motion until it is completely soapy and wet. Don't forget to scrub your chickens dirty feathers.

Scrubbin'  her comb...
4. Let your chicken drip a little and
place her in the next bucket. Plunge her again and make sure   all of the soap has been washed off. 
Squeeze out a bit of the water
 then she is ready to be shined.
Getting a manicure...

5. After she is coated in the vinegar water, put her in a towel and pat dry.While she is drying,
All done! 
have your assistant scrub her toes and comb with a  toothbrush and soapy water.                                                                                                                

  TADA! Your chicken is ready!

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