Friday, April 6, 2012


We have gotten lots of comments about correcting our chick’s crooked toes. The casting method we used is a lot like the Ponseti Method used to treat clubfoot in children. Our friend, Chesca, is the Executive Director of Miraclefeet. Miraclefeet is a non-profit organization created to deliver simple, affordable and effective treatment to children born with clubfoot in developing countries.
We have decided that for every dollar we earn selling eggs this month, we will donate the same amount to Miraclefeet. So far we have earned $17. With only $25 Miraclefeet can provide casts for up to 10 children! Want to learn more? Go to:
FYI, we just took off Dolly’s brace and all of her toes except for one are straight! The only one that is not fixed is MUCH better! We are going to put two of her toes back in the brace for one more week.

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  1. Thanks Golden Egg girls - you are the best! I am sure it will be a great month for egg sales. Happy Easter today!