Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue eggs for sale!

Their first eggs!
Yesterday when we went out to check the nesting boxes we saw one of the smaller hens, Tina, was laying her first egg! We let her be and sure enough, when we went out later and she had left us a turquoise egg. We were so excited! Today, we went out and the other Ameraucauna hen, Piper, had also left us her first egg! We are excited because that means all of our hens are finally laying.



  1. Is there a difference is size or taste with the blue eggs?? Any difference in nutritional value??

    Your blog is cool! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The blue eggs are smaller than the others right now because these hens just started laying. There are no differences besides the cool colors!

  3. I am so surprised by the turquoise color.... How cool! Have you eaten any yet to see how they compare to those boring white ones in taste? I have always preferred brown ones but now I think I must try the blue ones. Will you be selling them soon, and where and how? This is a very interesting blog; good work!